The Problem With Porn

I’ve previously written about the downsides of porn as well as the benefits from abstaining. There is a growing body of knowledge suggesting the negative consequences of frequent porn use, but it’s easy to rationalize away. “One time never killed anyone,” you may say. True, you aren’t going to die tomorrow if you watch porn. However, you…

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My Perfect Day

Introduction This post was inspired by “Visualizing the Perfect Day” over at Danger and Play. I’ve known about the power of visualizing for some time, but until this point I’ve neglected to take the practice seriously. No more. It’s time to move forward. My Perfect Day I wake up with the sun next to my…

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How to Meditate: An Introduction


I’ve spent some time extolling the benefits of meditation, but I failed to explain how to do it. When I first became interested in meditation, I was overwhelmed with all the different types. “Vipassana Meditation” just sounds intimidating. If you’re I was, you’ve always wanted begin meditating, but don’t know where to start. That all…

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10 Ways to Increase Your Intelligence


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Always consult with your physician before beginning any supplement program. Unless you’re like me and think know that all most physicians are hacks. Despite making effortless As in high school and undergrad, I never felt like I actually understood anything. The stress of cramming the night before an important…

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The Benefits of Meditation


I’ve been interested in self-improvement for a decade. I remember trying to meditate back in high school. It never worked. Inhale, exhale, I would think to myself. Suddenly, I’d start thinking about naked chicks and my meditation adventure would come to a quick halt. If you’ve interested in self-improvement at all, you’ve probably heard about…

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NoFap is Impossible; or, Porn is Satan


I got wasted Thursday night. One single Left Hand Milk Stout turned into two, which turned into a run to the liquor store, which turned into chugging artisan beer that’s 13.5% alcohol, which turned into a midnight run to Denny’s where I somehow managed to get my waitress’s number and have a brief text exchange…

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