The Hottest Girl in the World

This is it. I’m not kidding this time. She is the hottest girl in the world. Perfect aquiline nose. Long, straight blonde hair gracefully falling down to her ass. And don’t get me started on her ass. It’s the firm ass of a dedicated yoga girl. I’d let a hundred thousand African children starve to death for just one night with her.

On second thought, I think this girl is actually the hottest ever. I know I said that the last time, but I’m being serious now. This mocha-skinned thing with the intimidating eyebrows and the jet black hair. Deep red lipstick in boner-inducing contrast to her perfect white teeth. She is perfect mother material. She’s the kind of girl you’d topple nations for.

But everyone knows that redheads are, in fact, the hottest girls in the world, and this one is no different. The sun hits her just right and you can see bits of gold in her hair. She’s a truly a perfect human specimen. Breasts that are almost too big. A splendid, jiggling ass that verges on being fat, but for right now is simply perfect. Green eyes like the rolling hills of Ireland.

It is like this all day, every day. Each one is more attractive than the last, and the entirety of your being needs to fuck them. Every cell in your body screams for it. If I could just fuck heryou think, then I would be happy. And you would, for a day or two. And then the hunger would creep up again.

Even the hottest girl in the world has her flaws. Makeup is deceptive. Her breath smells bad in the morning. And she gets annoying when she falls in love with you–they always do. But the biggest flaw of every girl is that they are just that: a single girl. The same girl. Day after day after day.

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