First Date

It was October 2012, midway through my first semester of law school. I had discovered NoFap in August, and was following the program with surprising success. I lived on campus and went to the gym each morning, so my body composition was improving. I was in a new city with a large population, so I threw up a POF page to see what happened.

Remarkably, I managed to get a number of messages. Most were from fatties, but a few were from girls who had potential. One such girl was named Stephanie, and I wasted no time getting her number.

“Hello! What’s your story?” she asked.

“this POF shit is gay. gimme your #” I said, leaving off the final period for good luck. It worked. Within minutes, I had her number.

We exchanged witty banter for a day or two before she found me on Facebook. Once I accepted her friend request, it quickly became obvious that she didn’t just have potential–she was downright cute. Slender and olive skinned with dark eyes and a genuine, mesmerizing smile. The fact that she had turned eighteen just months before was icing on the cake.

“When are you taking me to dinner?” I asked her. Thank you, Roissy.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?” she responded playfully. It was too easy. With a little more banter, we had plans for dinner that Friday night. She told me she’d never had Thai food, so I told her to meet me at this authentic hole in the wall that served delicious food.

Friday rolled around, and I headed to the restaurant around 7. I walked through the door at 7:10 — fashionably late — and scanned the room. There were two cute girls sitting by themselves at different tables, and I struggled to determine which one was Stephanie based on her Facebook pictures. After some awkward glances, I realized that neither of them were her. I took a table by the window and waited.

My phone vibrated. Stephanie had sent a text asking if I was there, and then another immediately after to let me know she was walking in. She glanced across the room. When our eyes met, I gave her a smirk and a lazy wave. She joined me at the table. The Facebook pictures weren’t deceptive. She was legitimately cute.

“So, you’ve never had Thai food?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said with a smile.

“Wow, you haven’t lived,” I joked. I asked her about the food she liked and made a recommendation based on that. We ordered and continued the conversation. The conversation wasn’t exciting; it was the generic first date interview. It flowed effortlessly, though, and I could tell she was into me. As someone whose dating experience had primarily consisted of sloppy drunken approaches in dark college bars, this was a good sign.

We finished our meals. Stephanie loved hers, so I praised myself for making such a good recommendation. I told her I was new to the city and asked what kind of activities it offered. She suggested bowling. I hadn’t been in a while. What the hell; why not? I thought.

I dominated her at bowling. It’s not that I was that great, but just that she was so terrible. The game gave us a chance to loosen up and get comfortable around each other. When we got back to the car, our lips met in a short but steamy makeout session that made me feel sixteen again.

“So, what now?” I asked as I cranked the ignition.

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?” she asked. Ah, typical girl.

“You wanna watch a movie at my place?” I expected her to at least feign resistance.

“That sounds good,” she said. Game on.

I didn’t have a TV at the time, which meant we’d have to watch the movie on my laptop. And my laptop just so happened to be in my bedroom. Damn, maybe I am a genius after all. She followed me to my room and I turned to her. I stared at her silently for a second, then took a step closer. I moved my hand up toward her face and removed her glasses. I put them on my face.

“Do I look like a dork?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, laughing.

“Well, that just goes to show what kind of fashion sense you have . . .” I said. I threw the glasses on my bed and pulled her into me. Our lips fit perfectly together. I grabbed handfuls of her hair and jerked her head to my whim, kissing her all the while. Eventually, we made our way to the bed.

I was on my back, and she was laying on top of me. We never pulled apart. I didn’t hesitate to grab her ass or her small titties. After a few moments, I began running my hands up her shirt and she broke away.

“We aren’t having sex tonight,” she said with a serious tone. I just smirked and pulled her back into me, continuing to make love to her lips.

After some more time, I was able to pull her shirt up and over her head in one fluid motion. She began to say something, almost as if she wanted to protest, but I kissed her harder still and her concerns melted away.

Some more time passed. I reached down and unbuttoned her pants so quickly she didn’t have time to object. Once they were unbuttoned, she pulled away again.

“Nick,” she began, “I said we aren’t having sex tonight.”

“Don’t worry. We aren’t going to,” I said. I placed a hand around her neck and pulled her back into me, and we continued making out as if nothing had happened.

We continued kissing for what felt like hours, but I enjoyed it and was in no rush.

“Do you have any condoms?” she suddenly asked. I knew things were headed in that direction, but I was pleasantly surprised she had brought it up so bluntly. Without missing a beat, I rolled her over and stood up. I walked to my desk and grabbed a condom. Then I returned to the bed. I grabbed her pants near the top and violently ripped them off of her. She sat up and began unlatching her bra.

“Nick,” she said slowly, “I’ve never had sex before.” The bra fell off to reveal perfect, perky tits.

Yeah right, I thought to myself. But I didn’t care if she had been fucked by thousands of other guys. Her body was a wonderland waiting to be explored. I kissed her hard, then pushed her so she was laying down again.

I pried her legs apart and buried my face in her panties. I breathed in hungrily, hoping to inhale her entire existence. She smelled delicious, like young femininity. She smelled like a million swirling possibilities, and I longed to experience each one.

I pulled her panties off gently, on the off chance that she was actually telling the truth about her sexual history. She attempted to keep her silky legs together, which only heightened my arousal. When they finally parted, I found myself staring at a beautiful unshorn pussy.

Not only was it unshorn–it was positively unkempt. Under normal circumstances, it would have been too bushy. But the image swirled in my mind with the idea that maybe she was inexperienced after all. Surely no girl who was getting fucked on the regular would have such a bush, I thought.

There wasn’t time to think about that, though. It was time to eat that pussy. I parted her hair and then her lips. She was already incredibly moist, and I only added to that by putting my tongue on her clit and lapping at a murderous pace.

She seemed uncomfortable at first, but that soon melted away. In short order, she began breathing heavily. She closed her eyes and and opened her mouth, practically panting. I kept at it diligently. She came, her body shaking and her face flushed, before begging me to stop.

I pulled away and wiped my forearm across my face, which was absolutely covered in saliva and her feminine mystique. I tore open the condom wrapper and rolled it on my throbbing manhood. I laid on top of her and pushed my cock inside. She was soaking wet, and I slid in easily.

The moment our souls met was rapturous. Bullshit reading assignments and student loans faded into the background. Worries about career prospects ceased to exist. Nothing mattered but this. This was the meaning of life. I began kissing her as I thrusted. Slow at first, but building to a fuck crescendo.

The crescendo continued until I was jackhammering her at deadly speed. Her soul appeared to leave her body. Her lips formed into an O and she had that serious look in her face, like she, too, knew that this was the most important thing in the world. Her eyes lit up with each successive thrust. Her cute little tits bounced rhythmically under my dim bedroom light. The moment could not have been more perfect.

I orgasmed hard. It was the kind of orgasm that made one believe in astral projection. It felt as if I had shot gallons. It felt like I had ejaculated my entire soul into her young body. I rolled over, completely spent, and took a long inhale. My sweaty arm was beneath her neck. I pulled her close and we both stared at the ceiling, speechless.

“That was amazing,” she finally said.

“Yeah,” I said. “It was.”

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