My Perfect Day


This post was inspired by “Visualizing the Perfect Day” over at Danger and Play.

I’ve known about the power of visualizing for some time, but until this point I’ve neglected to take the practice seriously. No more. It’s time to move forward.

My Perfect Day

I wake up with the sun next to my girlfriend. The ocean air is pouring into my bedroom through open windows.

As soon as I’m awake, I head downstairs to my home gym and begin working out. I lift heavy, focusing primarily on squats, bench, and deadlifts.

After my workout, I take a cold shower and emerge feeling like a lion.

I spend a half-hour or so meditating.

Next, I check out how many books I sold while I slept.

I spend three or four hours writing in a state of flow. Words appear on the screen like magic.

I have an extended lunch with a friend at a nice restaurant. We kick around ideas for a new business. We’re looking for passive streams of income.

When I return home from lunch, I spend a couple hours reading in the sun. When time permits, I dabble in other creative hobbies, like painting.

In the evening, I sip wine and watch my girlfriend make dinner. We dine together and watch the sunset, recounting our day and philosophizing.

After dinner is a bit of downtime before bed: I laze around on the couch and might watch a Netflix documentary if I feel up to it (see Rule 6 here).

I fall asleep feeling accomplished, looking forward to an abundant tomorrow.


What does your perfect day look like? Post a comment and let me know.


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